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NPMA Staff

P: (800) 678-6722 or (703) 352-6762
F: (703) 352-3031
E: npma@pestworld.org
10460 North Street
Fairfax, VA 22030


Executive Office

Dominique Stumpf

Dominique Stumpf, CAE
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
(703) 352-6762 Ext: 219

Serves on the board of trustees for the Pest Management Foundation, Executive Committee on the PPMA, and QualityPro Board of Directors.

Jillian Gardner

Jillian Gardner
Director of People and Leadership Programming
(703) 352-6762 Ext: 132

Supports the CEO, administration, and travel arrangements for the NPMA Board and the Executive Leadership Program, and NPMA Committees.


Andy Architect

Andy Architect
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
(703) 352-6762 Ext: 221

Sponsor Relations, ASPCRO Planning Committee liaison.

Freddie Eklund

Freddie Eklund
Member Services Coordinator
(703) 352-6762 x101

Works directly with our members by taking calls at the front desk, can direct you to the correct NPMA staff member if you are not sure who to contact, and handles Bugstore orders, NC WDIR Stamps & questions about www.npmaforms.com.

Finance Team

Melissa Huson, CPA

Melissa Huson, CPA
Senior Vice President, Accounting & Administration
(703) 352-6762 ext. 117

Fen Huang

Fen Huang
Director Of Accounting
(703) 352-6762 Ext: 110

Manages accounting, finance, and budget operations of NPMA-related organizations. This includes accounts receivables, accounts payable, reconciliation of bank accounts, journal entries, monthly and annual financial statements and financial reports, and budget to actual variance analysis as well.

Kimberly Dillon

Alison Fredericks
Finance Coordinator
(703) 352-6762 Ext: 115

Meetings & Association Management Services Team


Alexis Wirtz

Alexis Wirtz
Senior Vice President, Meetings & Association Management Services
(703) 352-6762 Ext: 208

Meetings Department operations and management of NPMA conferences, conventions, and state meetings. Staff liaison to the Leadership Networking Community and Suppliers Council.

Liz Grier

Liz Grier
Senior Meetings Manager
(703) 352-6762 Ext: 105

NPMA meeting questions & customer support. Registrations for attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors.


Megan Moloney

Megan Moloney
Director of Meetings & Exhibits
(703) 352-6762 Ext: 112

Management of meeting sponsorship and exhibits and contact for NPMA regional conferences. Staff liaison for UPMA.

Dan Nappi

Dan Nappi, CAE
Associate Director of Association Management Services
(703) 352-6762 Ext: 121 

Staff liaison for NCPMA, CTPCA, and WVPMA.


Annie Batdorf

Annie Batdorf
Meetings Customer Service Coordinator
(703) 352-6762 Ext: 236 

Kimberly Dillon

Brittani Crawley
Senior Coordinator, Meetings and Exhibits
(703) 352-6762 Ext: 131 




Membership Team

Matt Hemmendinger

Matt Hemmendinger, CAE
Director Of Membership 
(703) 352-6762 Ext: 114

Staff liaison for CPCA.

Alison Lindley

Alison Lindley
Senior Membership Coordinator
(703) 352-6762 Ext: 104

Membership dues processing, state assn. Check payments, member calls/emails, and log-in issues.


Chanel Braxton

Chanel Braxton
Associate Director of Membership 
(703) 352-6762 Ext: 232

Manages membership benefit and joint state association partnerships, and staff liaison for Nebraska State Pest Control Association.

Marketing and Communications Team

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson, CAE
Vice President of Marketing and Communications
(703) 352-6762 Ext: 137

Oversees all marketing strategy and execution for NPMA and managed state programs and activities. Leads all print and digital communications, including PestWorld magazine, NPMA websites, e-newsletters, and social media. Liaison to Marketing 2 Membership Committee.

Kimberly Dillon

Katie Rushin
Marketing & Communications Coordinator
(703) 352-6762 Ext: 108


Courtney Brooks

Courtney Brooks
Senior Coordinator, Marketing & Communications
(703) 352-6762 Ext: 214


Kimberly Dillon

Kimberly Dillon
Production Manager/Graphic Designer
(703) 352-6762 Ext: 111

QualityPro Team

Allie Allen

Allie Allen, BCE
Vice President of Certification Programs & Executive Director of QualityPro
(703) 352-6762 Ext: 138

QualityPro accreditation and other professional credentialing options, NPMA's Executive Leadership Program, Professional Women in Pest Management, or resources for employee recruitment and retention. Staff liaison for NEPMA.

Grinnin Voltmann

Griffin Voltmann
Certification Program Manager
(703) 352-6762 Ext: 120

QualtityPro Renewals, application welcome toolboxes, testing administration and certificate generation, dues invoices.   

Public Policy Team

JD Darr

JD Darr
Director of Regulatory and Legislative Affairs
(703) 352-6762 Ext: 212

Michelle Moore

Michelle Moore
Manager of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs 
(703) 352-6762 Ext: 139

Josh Reynolds

Josh Reynolds
Manager of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs 
(703) 352-6762 Ext: 123

Jackie Ramsey

Jackie Ramsey
Legislative & Regulatory Affairs Coordinator
(703) 352-6762 Ext: 209

Technical Team

Mike Bentley

Mike Bentley, Ph.D., BCE
Vice President, Training & Technical Services
(703) 352-6762 Ext: 119

Resource Center, Learning Management System, Technical and Business related webinars, podcasts, product sales, staff liaison to Business Innovation and Wildlife Committees. Staff liaison for CPMA and IPCA.


Ellie Lane

Ellie Lane
Staff Entomologist & Education Specialist
(703) 352-6762 Ext: 124

Laura Rosenwald

Laura Rosenwald, BCE
Training & Resource Center Manager
(703) 352-6762 Ext: 106

Sowmya Rajeshkanna

Sowmya Rajeshkanna
Educational Program Coordinator
(703) 352-6762 Ext: 118

Workforce Development 

Liz Bicer

Liz Bicer
Director of Workforce Development 
(703) 352-6762 Ext: 218


PPMA and Public Affairs

Jim Fredericks

Jim Fredericks, Ph.D., BCE
Executive Director, PPMA, and Senior Vice President of Public Affairs
(703) 352-6762 Ext: 113

Any and all things related to growing, protecting, promoting, and defending our industry with the public. Media relations, public relations, social media, consumer education, and digital initiatives. Giving the industry one voice in communicating our message on the positive aspects of professional pest control and why they need to call a professional.  Manage two websites -- Pestworld.org; pestworldforkids.org.