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Federal Advocacy

NPMA is committed to representing the industry before Congress and the Administration. NPMA has a registered lobbyist on staff to ensure that the pest management industry has a voice with federal policymakers. From breaking down thousands of pages of legislative text to directly influencing federal legislation, NPMA ensures that our industry is always up to date on and involved in whatever is happening at the federal level.

Our advocacy efforts are not just at Legislative Day; we represent the industry 365 days a year. You protect public health; we help protect the industry.

Learn more about NPMA’s policy issues by viewing our library of Hill issue one pagers below.


About the Industry Fact Sheet


Pesticide Specific:

Pesticide Preemption (2022 Hill Day Issue)

Letter of Support to Congress for H.R. 7266

PACTPA (2022 Hill Day Issue)

Pesticide Regulation (2021 Hill Day Issues)

Pesticide Preemption (2020 Hill Day Issue)

Bedbug Legislation (2019 Hill Day Issue)

Farm Bill Preemption Language (2018 Farm Bill Advocacy)



Business Issues:

COVID Legislation (2021 Hill Day Issue)

ILLICIT CASH Act (2020 Hill Day Issue)

ILLICIT CASH Act FAQ (2020 Hill Day Issue)

Tax Issues (2019 Hill Day Issue)


For all of NPMA’s COVID specific policy work, you can visit