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The application process for the 2024 ELP Class will close at 11:59pm ET on November 17, 2023.


NPMA’s success is contingent on our ability to work in the best interests of our membership which includes companies of all sizes. In order to accomplish this, we seek guidance from our Board of Directors and committees which are made up of member volunteers.

NPMA is committed to encouraging its membership to embrace diversity and inclusion as an integral part in nurturing winning workplace cultures throughout our industry. Hearing from different voices plays an important role in accomplishing NPMA’s goals. However, limited resources often make it difficult for aspiring leaders to become involved in association leadership.


"Through the Executive Leadership Program we are seeing new faces and hearing fresh perspectives from our membership. I look forward to working with all our ELP participants for many years to come.”

Dominique Stumpf, CEO of NPMA 


"Working as a mentor with the ELP participants has helped me better serve the association. Hearing about their challenges has helped me think of ways I can have an impact on all of our member companies during my presidency through NPMA’s strategic initiatives. In addition, the connection with the mentee’s I have worked with has been an incredibly valuable experience. I hope that the impact I have had on them is as valuable to them. I highly recommend being a mentor in the program.”

Dennis Jenkins, NPMA Past President


What is the Executive Leadership Program?

The Executive Leadership Program (ELP) identifies and trains aspiring association leaders to establish a pipeline of engaged members that represents NPMA’s diverse membership. The two-year curriculum involves professional development, association training, monthly mentoring and attendance at NPMA events.

Each year, NPMA selects a cohort of participants to go through a two-year curriculum with monthly meetings that prepares them for association leadership. NPMA pairs participants with mentors, sets up monthly conference calls with participants, and helps fund participation in industry events. Participants are expected to attend NPMA board meetings, participate in committees, take advantage of networking and learning activities, work with a mentor and be an ambassador for NPMA throughout the industry.

"The ELP has given me the opportunity to connect with some of the best and most passionate leaders in our industry. My mentor has been so invaluable to me. Through our meetings, he has encouraged me to push myself, develop company processes, and helped me to become a better and more confident leader overall. The ELP has also given me nine great friends and relationships within our industry that will go beyond our two years. We share, we connect, we problem-solve, and we grow with each other. Being chosen as a member of the ELP has been a rewarding experience, and it has given me so many amazing opportunities for professional growth." 

Ashley Morrison, City Wide Exterminating
ELP 2017


What is the Curriculum?

The curriculum is designed to provide the program participants with the tools they need to be future leaders within the organization. Learning objectives include the following:

Participants will…

  • work with a mentor on personal and business growth;
  • receive soft skills training such as
    • Networking
    • Executive etiquette
    • Unconscious bias
    • Public speaking;
  • be able to communicate NPMA’s purpose, history and goal areas;
  • attend NPMA events in order to participate in committee meetings and network with industry leaders;
  • be able to utilize NPMA member benefits to grow their businesses and help their colleagues
  • serve on NPMA committees; and
  • participate in monthly conference calls.

View the draft curriculum. 

"The ELP Program has really opened up my eyes into the inner workings of the NPMA. I've learned to be a better leader and connected with some of the industry's elite that have opened up their doors to me. The friendships I have made over the course of the year have proven to be some of the most valuable. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity extended to me by the NPMA to be part of this group." 

Jeff King, The Pest Rangers
ELP 2017


How Much Time and Money Do I Need to Commit?

Most of the program is self-study of the resources provided which includes five books, a personality profile and watching presentations. Participants will be required to participate in monthly one-hour webinars with other participants and NPMA leaders. You will be assigned to a mentor – however the frequency of your communication is up to you both. Additionally, each year you are expected to attend 2 out of 3 of the large NPMA meetings including the NPMA Board Meeting and committee meetings if they take place before the conference. (Event dates are detailed on the application).

NPMA will fund your registration and your travel (to include transportation, hotel and incidentals), so that you can fully participate, share your experiences and explore the largest networking events of our industry.

"Everyone-the staff of NPMA, the executive board,  NPMA officers, and my mentor - have been so welcoming, willing to share, and encouraging along this journey.  These relationships, and especially the bonds with my fellow classmates, continue to grow stronger every day.  They cannot be measured, and will never be forgotten!

The opportunities to participate in the "process", and committee participation has been invaluable. 

Our reading assignments, monthly conference calls with my class, as well as calls with my mentor have helped me grow professionally in areas I didn't know I could! I would be remiss not to mention, my business has benefited as well!

Most importantly, though, I feel better equipped to be a better ambassador for our industry and NPMA.  I look forward to many future opportunities to serve. I encourage anyone who is service-oriented and finds this appealing to apply. It is the best "MBA" experience I could have ever hoped for!"

Carl Braun, Quality Pest Control
ELP 2018


How Are Participants Selected?

Interested candidates will complete the application and a panel of judges will select a maximum of ten participants from the received applications. Applicants must be from an NPMA member company (a Regular Member as defined in the NPMA ByLaws) and are reviewed against five criteria:


Candidates should have a history of participation in the pest management industry and should be able to provide evidence to demonstrate his or her leadership qualities and potential as indicated by community or industry activities, such as state association involvement, etc.


Candidates must demonstrate a passion to succeed and have a desire to actively participate in developing themselves as leaders by seeking out new experiences, gaining new skills, and making a commitment to personal and professional development.   

Commitment and Engagement

Candidates must be committed to enhancing NPMA and the member experience and furthering the industry. Additionally, candidates must demonstrate openness to new ideas, maintain an approachable style, and share the organizational vision and strategy with others. The Executive Leadership Program should not be considered an endpoint in the candidate’s association career, but rather the beginning of the candidate’s leadership journey and, as such, each candidate will be evaluated for his or her long-term commitment and concern for the broad scope of issues related to the pest management industry.  


Candidates display behaviors which indicate they have leadership potential: strategic thinking skills; commitment to personal development; self-mastery and integrity. Candidates apply critical and appropriate judgment to decision-making processes. 

Personal Character and Integrity

Candidates should demonstrate characteristics of high personal character and actively work to build and maintain trust and supportive relationships. 

"I reached out to the NPMA as a resource when I founded Arizona Pest Squad in 2011- The opportunity to participate in the 2017 inaugural Executive Leadership Program took the relationship to a whole new level. The combination of formal training, sharing experiences with my classmates with diverse experience, attending all of the great NPMA events and the one on one mentoring has improved my leadership skills and given me so many practical take-always to improve our business and further our mission to help people manage their pest issues. I look forward to continuing as an active member of the NPMA leadership team to further its’ important mission and expand the reach to other small pest companies." 

David Marshall, Arizona Pest Squad, LLC
ELP 2017


When Will the Program Begin?

Applications for 2024 are now being accepted. 

Applicants will be notified by the end of December. The next program will begin in January 2024.

The application process will close at 11:59 pm ET on November 17, 2023. 


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